Showcase Biography

Andrew Parton is an Ottawa based singer-songwriter that aims to use his music to tell his stories and the stories of its listeners.

Andrew recently completed Canada's Music Incubator's prestigious Artist Entrepreneur Program; a program that includes French Press and Uforia. In this program Andrew underwent several weeks of seminars, workshops and training to develop himself and his place within the music industry.

Andrew was a featured Artist in CMI's Artist Showcase Extravaganza, performing in the bands of emerging artists such as Jacelyn Holmes and Lisa Nicole, as well as performing his own compositions.

One unique aspect of Andrew's performances is his ability to "peel back the layers" for his audiences. He uses his music and his stories to show his audiences that it is acceptable to be vulnerable, exposed, or fun; and, in a way, that it is not the end of the world to show people your real feelings.

After all, music is made to express an emotion, send a message and to tell stories.

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