Andrew got his start playing every local open mic night, campus pub and coffeehouse that he could find. It was while studying law at Carleton University where he spent most of his time writing songs at the back of the lecture halls and performing during philanthropic events on campus that he discovered his passion truly lies in music.

Since Graduation, Andrew has only intensified his dedication to music, being recognized as a Songwriter of the Month by the Songwriters Association of Canada and performing as a side player, playing jazz guitar at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival in 2016. His influences draw from James Bay and John Mayer on the lyrical side combined with his musical influences of favourite 90’s rock bands.

His brand new single "Control" marks the first release since his partnership with Willow Sound Records. Produced by Jake Jones, "Control" is a hard hitting track both musically and lyrically ....Cranberries meets Radiohead meets Tonic with Andrew's distinct vocal styling delivering passion and authenticity in every lyric.




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